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2012 Annual Conference Awards

In 2012, the Iowa Primary Care Association presented the Carl Kulczyk Memorial Award and Unsung Hero Award during the Iowa PCA Annual Conference on October 18-19, in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Carl A. Kulczyk Award: Ron Kemp
In recognition of her outstanding contributions to Peoples Community Health Clinic and the Iowa Primary Care Association, and her leadership and commitment in achieving the mission of community health centers across Iowa.
Ronald W. Kemp has served as an administrator of community health centers since 1979 and currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer for CHC/SEIA. CHC/SEIA has six primary medical clinics and two dental clinics located in southeastern Iowa and west central Illinois.
Before joining CHC/SEIA, Ron served as a consultant for the Iowa/Nebraska Primary Care Association (IA/NEPCA) to develop the network in Southeastern Iowa. Before that, he served as Executive Director at Peoples Community Health Clinic in Waterloo, IA for 22 years.
Ron is a founding and current Board member of the Iowa Primary Care Association and a partner member of INConcert Care, Inc., the practice management shared services organization. Additionally, Ron serves at the Board and committee levels for the Illinois Primary Health Care Association and other various community groups.
Ron’s career in community health has focused on developing collaborative relationships at both the association level, as well as with health systems at the community level.
Ron’s education training includes MA degrees in Business and Social Work.
Unsung Hero Award: Joe Heitritter
In recognition of her outstanding contributions to Crescent Community Health Center and her dedication to achieving the community health center mission.
As Operations/Office Director for the Greater Sioux Community Health Center, Inc. (GSCHC) Joe Heitritter has been instrumental in developing billing and collection procedures and establishing and monitoring business processes to ensure effective and efficient operations. He has provided oversight for, and education of, the health center’s office staff. Joe’s tireless efforts helped GSCHC thrive during a year and a half period of operating as a FQHC Look-Alike without federal or state grant funds.
Joe came to GSCHC in April 2010 after two years of service in Peace Corps, Paraguay, where he worked as a Rural Health and Sanitation Extensionist. Joe’s Peace Corps work experience gave him a broad understanding of population based health management, methods, and effects. Before being
promoted to Operations/Office Director in 2011, Joe held the positions of Interpreter and Billing Director.
Joe obtained his BA degree in Sociology, minor in Cultural Studies, in 2008 from Northwestern College in Orange City, IA. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Health Care Administration from Bellevue University in Bellevue, NE.


Carl A. Kulczyk Memorial Award

Carl was recognized in Iowa, Washington D.C. and across the nation as an expert in primary care and the medically underserved. He worked passionately and tirelessly to ensure Iowa communities could offer quality health care to their residents regardless of ability to pay. Carl also offered placement assistantce to physicians and other health care providers including foreign medical graduates. Carl believed in finding the perfect fit between facility and community and provider.
Carl had a very special blend of passion, humor, determination and a high intelligence. He dedicated himself to serving others. As Senator Tom Harkin remarked, "Carl worked miracles for people who desperately needed a miracle. The expansion of affordable, accessible health care services across Iowa would not have happed without Carl’s hard work."
Carl viewed life as an adventure and once you got to know Carl you joined in to share the excitement and reap the rewards of serving others. Carl loved helping people but he also loved to laugh. He had a quick wit and enjoyed playing the occasional practical joke. Carl often said, "If they only knew they would make me the king if they could…."
Carl was born April 5, 1952 in East Chicago, Indiana and died unexpectedly on June 2, 2008. He received his Masters degree in Child Behavioral Psychology from the University of Kansas. Carl served as executive director of community health centers in Michigan before moving to Iowa in the early 90s. He is survived by his wife Pam and two sons, Caleb and Ezra.


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