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The Iowa PCA clinical staff works under the guidance and direction of the Iowa PCA Clinical Committee, which is chaired by the clinical representative to the Board of Directors. The Clinical Committee provides regular input into discussions and activity related to implementation of health information technology, collection and analysis of clinical data, clinical contracts and programs, and other quality efforts. Much of the focus for the clinical committee in the coming months will be on patient centered medical home and, meaningful use attainment, and workflow and clinical decisions on standardizing data collection and processing as health centers and the network move toward implementation of an electronic health record.


Toolkit: Adolescent Transition of Care 

The process of moving from pediatric to adult-oriented medicine is known as the health care transition. As young people mature and personal and medical needs change, it is important for them to receive age-appropriate care. Research shows that supporting adolescent patients during transition, particularly those with specialized health needs, can improve outcomes and decrease the cost of care due to hospitalization or poor disease management.  However, facilitating a smooth transition can be challenging. This toolkit contains the methodology for implementing a performance improvement (PI) project related to transitioning within a community health center, as well as helpful tools and resources for clinicians and support staff.

In addition to delivering the best care for adolescent patients, part of becoming recognized as a Patient Centered Medical Home is helping coordinate care transitions. The NCQA guidelines state that a medical home should “collaborate with the patient/family to develop a written care plan for patients transitioning from pediatric care to adult care.” A well-timed, well-planned, and well-executed transition from child- to adult-oriented health care empowers youth to assume adult roles and activities. For this reason, ongoing transition planning should be incorporated into future care for all youth and young adults at community health centers.

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